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Innovation and Capacity Building Fund

About the Fund

The City has created a Human Services Innovation, Planning and Capacity Building (InnCap) Funds designed to provide human services organizations short-term, project based support. 


The Community Services InnCap Fund provides funding for the following priorities:

  • Meet the basic needs of Tacoma residents
  • Prepare children and youth for success
  • Employability, self-determination, and empowerment

The Mental Health and Substance Used Disorder (MHSUD) InnCap Fund provides funding for the priority of Enhancing Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services.


Applications are reviewed and funding decisions are made monthly. As of September 9th, 2015 the amount remaining in each fund is:

  • Community Services InnCap Fund: $0.00
  • MHSUD InnCap Fund: $227,307.00

There are three tracks for each fund:

Innovation related to improving program services or outcomes.  Examples of eligible activities could include innovative approaches to service-delivery, developing new ways to measure impact, and innovative or partnerships that better serve mutual clients. Planning to support initial project development work. Examples of eligible activities for a planning grant could include architectural and/or engineering design, fund development, and community involvement.   Capacity Building for one-time support to build capacity in a program, agency or system which produces nearly immediate results in service enhancements or acquired skills within organizations that are challenged in carrying out their mission.  Examples that fit into this track include building infrastructure and staffing in order to meet current contract obligations. 

These funds are not intended to provide for the expansion of existing and established programs and these services should primarily benefit City of Tacoma residents.

Programs wishing to secure InnCap funding should not solicit this funding from the City Council; rather they will need to participate in a short application process conducted in e-C Impact.

How do I request InnCap funding?

The InnCap Fund application is available from e-C Impact. Once you have logged in, select Request a Grant Application.  Only create a new account if your agency does not already have an existing e-C Impact account through the City of Tacoma.  Use the following contact information if you have questions related to creating or accessing your account in e-CImpact.

Jaime Jackson
Contract & Program Auditor
(253) 591-5047

Glenda Duldulao
Program Technician
(253) 591-5070 

Once submitted your application will undergo a review for completeness and legal compliance and then forwarded on to the Human Services Commission (HSC) for rating.  Applicants will be asked to present the request to the HSC who will then rate and make recommendations for InnCap funding and contracting as appropriate.

Questions about the Fund

Questions regarding this fund and its intended use should be directed to one of the contacts listed below.
Vicky McLaurin
Management Analyst
Human Services Planning and Contracting 
(253) 591-5058

Christopher L. Wright
Contract and Program Auditor 
(253) 591-5075