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Community Working Group Issues Recommendations

Community Working Group Recommendations


Feb. 9, 2015



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Community Working Group Issues Recommendations on Billboard Regulation


The Community Working Group was tasked with developing at least two alternative options for billboard regulation in Tacoma that are different from current City code. This group met 11 times from Sept. through Feb. and issued their report on these options on Monday, Feb. 9.


This 17 member group represented community stakeholders with diverse viewpoints in regard to regulatory alternatives for billboards. The group was convened by City Manager T.C. Broadnax, and was not charged with writing code, or conducting public outreach,instead their recommendations are considered advisory to the City.  


“I challenged this group with an extremely difficult mission, to balance some strongly conflicting views,” said City Manager T.C. Broadnax. “They hung in there, found compromise and have brought back some really thoughtful recommendations for the City. I’m impressed with the work they did and very grateful for their efforts.”


"We all had to look for compromises to find solutions,” said group Co-Chair Tricia DeOme, representing the Central Neighborhood Council. “We did agree on some major issues, and there were several important things we could not agree on. This remains a very important issue to our neighborhoods and others inthe community who want to see a large reduction in the number of billboards in Tacoma."


Zoning districts were identified by the group, including 10 considered a high priority to remove billboards and ensure no new billboards are installed, and 11 where billboards could be allowed,subject to reaching agreement on other code requirements.


“Because all of the participants were committed to the mission and challenge put to us by the City Manager, we identified many areas of consensus,” said member of the City’s Planning Commission Steve Wamback who also served on the group and was a co-chair. “Even on issues still lacking consensus, the group's report helps narrow the focus for continuing efforts by the City Council and Planning Commission.”


The final report of recommendations will be presented to City Council at the Tuesday, March 3, Study Session.


To view the final report, along with other background information, visit cityoftacoma.org/planning and click on Billboard Community Working Group.


For more information, contact Principal Planner John Harrington at jharring@cityoftacoma.org or (253) 279-8950.