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Contest Details

Goals and Requirements

Conserve natural resources that provide natural functions associated with controlling and filtering stormwater. Applicants should demonstrate that their Green Infrastructure Design meets or exceeds the flow control requirements for the site, utilizing WWHM.

Enhance quality of life and reduce maintenance costs inherent to green infrastructure practices to increase marketability of the development and the long term property values.

Provide a traditional and green infrastructure cost comparison. This shall include a life cycle cost analysis. The GI proposal may not be more expensive than the traditional stormwater treatment.

Promote creativity in design and green infrastructure strategies that are feasible within site constraints. Enhance the esthetic of the site as a showcase of green infrastructure.

Consider a holistic
, sustainable design approach that may include:

  • Environment and water
  • Access and equity
  • Materials and resources
  • Pavement technologies

Score Card - Preliminary Expert Judging

Category  Criteria Points 
Interdisciplinary Team For those that involve a well-rounded inclusive team. 10
Stormwater Benefit Ten points awarded for those applicants that meet the minimum requirements applicable to each site.

Ten additional points will be available for exceeding the minimum requirements.
Maintenance For lower maintenance designs. 10
Cost Ten points awarded for applicants who propose a green infrastructure approach that is less cost than traditional approach.

Ten additional points will be available for the biggest cost saving approaches.
Creativity For creativity and innovation including:

  • Aesthetics and multi-use ability of the design.
  • Integration of stormwater preservation into the design.
  • How well the proposed design fits within the community culture of the site.
Sustainability For overall site sustainability including:

  • Public usability of the site through access and equity.
  • Consideration of the water use demand or utilization, environmental impact or improvements, and energy conservation.

Site Information

Available information such as basemaps, CAD files and geotechnical information is provided for each category and represents actual data from the site involved. The information in the download packets represents all available data for competitors.

Industrial Redevelopment - 1171 Taylor Way, Port of Tacoma
Site Summary plus Questions and Answers     
Soil and Groundwater   
Traditional Alternatives Analysis, O&M Costs (spreadsheet)  

Urban Redevelopment - SERA, Metro Parks, Tacoma
Campus Master Plan II
Geotechnical Information
Site Summary plus Questions and Answers   
Traditional Alternatives Analysis, O&M Costs (spreadsheet)   
SERA Future Expansion Acres    

Green Roadway - South Tacoma Way, City of Tacoma
Geotechnical Information
Site Summary 
Basemap dwg file available by email
Traditional Alternatives Analysis, O&M Costs (spreadsheet)  

Submission Requirements

Step 1 - Expert Judge Review - completed

TGIChallenge Expert Judges

Judges' Bios

  • Dick Ramsey, retired landscape architect and urban planner, currently assisting Point Defiance Zoo& Aquarium with capital improvements.
  • Rick Dinicola, Associate Director for the U.S. Geological Survey Washington Water ScienceCenter in Tacoma.
  • Vito Iacobazzi, parks management, including utilities and infrastructure, Metro Parks Tacoma.
  • Douglas C. Howie,P.E., Senior Stormwater Engineer with Washington State Department of Ecology.
  • Joe Harrison, expert in construction feasibility and cost, manages crews and projects for Miles Resources.
  • Jeralee Anderson,Executive Director of the Greenroads Foundation.
  • Anita Fichthorn, EnvironmentalProject Manager, Water Quality,at the Port of Tacoma.
  • Geoff Smyth, Division Manager for Science &Engineering, Environmental Services at the City of Tacoma.

Deadline extended: All electronic submissions must be received no later than midnight on January 15, 2015.  Hard copy entries can be submitted to the following address and received no later than 4 PM on January 15, 2015:Attention: Tacoma Green Infrastructure Challenge
326 East D Street
Tacoma, WA 98421-1801
Submissions cannot include any identifying features or marks which might reveal the identity of any member of the design team or any organization that may be represented by members of the team. Submittals must only contain only the team assigned number.

Each entry must be submitted as follows:

  1. Registration form must be completed and emailed by December 15, 2014, to TGIChallenge@cityoftacoma.org.
  2. When the registration form is accepted, an identifying number will be provided to the team by email as well as an address to email the remaining submission materials.
  3. The identifying number must be placed on all materials submitted, including the first page of the electronic submission and on all correspondences.

Required Submittal Documents

Site Plan Examples
Two Pages
Scaled to Fit on One Page

Step 2 - The Finals Event, March 5: Jury Presentation

Finalist teams have been selected for each Project Design Challenge category. These teams were notified of their status on February 5, 2015.

The Jury Presentations will be evaluated by the same score card as the expert judging listed above. The Jury Panel will deliberate after the presentations and the winning designs will be announced that evening.

Design Boards

One site plan (D sized) on the team's key concepts and elements of the design will be presented visually, including a summary of the economic and hydrologic modeling. The board should include only the team number for identification.
Board Examples
Team Urban
Submittals: Finalist teams shall submit boards electronically on or before February 23, 2015. Submissions must also include an 8.5 x 11-inch identification card containing the team name and team member identification for display with the team's presentation board at the finals event and awards program. These cards should also be submitted electronically.

Boards will be displayed at the finals event with the team identification cards and will not be anonymous at that point.

Board Posting and People's Choice Voting: Boards will be posted to the TGIChallenge website on February 24 for People's Choice voting. Voting, which is open to the public, will close at 12 noon on March 5.

Jury Presentations

Electronic submissions are limited to a maximum of 20 PowerPoint or PDF pages and shall be submitted by March 4, 2015. An electronic submission package must be emailed to the assigned address, or provided on CD or USB drive in PowerPoint format. The package must include:

  • All images and data contained on the presentation boards submitted with the entry.
  • Images of all drawings.
  • Overview presentation of the design team's concept.
  • Justification and a brief summary for the hydrologic/drainage modeling used to develop design conclusions. Actual calculations do not need to be presented.
  • An explanation of project costs and an economic comparison with the same project if developed using traditional methods. Also include the cost per area infiltrated.
  • Members of the team shall be highlighted and recognized. Presentations should not be anonymous.

A hard copy of the presentations will be provided to the Jury members at the finals event.

  • Additional Important Information

    • Travel expenses as well as any and all other expenses related to participation in this competition are the sole responsibility of the entrants.
    • If a copyright infringement, in part or in whole, is found in the submittal of the competition entry the entry will be disqualified.
    • Cash prize winners will be required to provide their Social Security Number or other Tax ID number at the time of award.
    • Any design team questions directed towards the Judging Panel or event staff will be posted in public forum to ensure all teams have equal access to questions posed and their respective answers.
    • Entries may not be returned to participants. Entrants should make copies for their own use before submitting their entry.
    • Failure to follow any of the competition rules will result in disqualification.