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Monthly Billing and Reporting

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Forms and Deadlines

Programs funded by the City of Tacoma are required to submit both Monthly Billing Reports AND either quarterly transitional Outcome Based Evaluation (OBE) projects or Annual Outcome Based Evaluation Reports.  Late or inaccurate billings and reports can have a negative impact on future funding requests.

Monthly Billing and Reports

The following forms via e-CImpact and are due by the 15th of each month:

Client Demographic Form (CDF) - This form tells The City whether the clients a program serves reside within the City limits and in which ZIP Code they reside.  It also reports on the gender, age, and race/ethnicity of clients.  Other information gathered includes household composition, whether or not the client is disabled, limited English speaking, and income level.

Monthly Activity Report (MAR) - This form reports a program's monthly and year-to-date client counts.  All clients served by the program should be counted and reported on this form.  Additionally, this form provides the City with information regarding a program's contracted service-related outputs such as bednights, client contact-hours, meals provided, etc.

Monthly Bill - Whether on a payment-point contract (similar to a fee for service contract) or on a cost reimbursement contract (where the program is paid back for the costs incurred the previous month) a monthly bill is due the 15th of each month for the previous month's activities.

Contact Information


Social Wellness and

Gang Reduction Project

Glenda Duldulao

Contract and Program Auditor

(253) 591-5145


Homelessness and Household

Contract and Program Auditor