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How to Qualify

Small businesses can increase their chances of getting City of Tacoma Public Works and goods and services contracts when they join the City's Small Business Enterprise Program (SBE). For qualified contractors, vendors, suppliers, and consultants, SBE provides not only contracting opportunities, but also helpful resources in business management.


Qualification Requirements

To qualify as an SBE, a company's total gross receipts for any consecutive three year period within the last six years may not be more than $36,500,000 for public works and not more than $15,000,000 for non-public works and improvements. Also, each person with an ownership interest in the company must have a personal net worth of less than $1,320,000 excluding one personal residence and the net worth of the business. 

If your home or business address is within the Tacoma City Limits and you have had this address for at least six months, or you have been in a State of Washington Hub Zone for at least 12 months and you meet SBE's financial criteria, you may qualify for SBE. 


Apply Now for the Small Business Enterprise Program

The SBE Application with instructions is available for you to download. 

You can also prequalify for the program by calling (253) 594-7933, Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM.

During a brief phone interview, you can answer simple yes-or-no questions to find out if taking the time to fill out the SBE application is a good investment for your business.

Many business owners who have become SBE certified have found that it was worth their while, increasing their sales by up to 50 percent and more. Involvement in SBE, for some has also led to increased private sector business.