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Tidy-Up Tacoma

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Tidy-Up Tacoma

The Tidy-Up Tacoma initiative is continuing in 2022 and beyond. Starting in May, City crews will begin maintenance of the main arterials of Neighborhood Business Districts and around two new areas. This effort will work to clean up litter/debris, graffiti removal, street sweeping, and perform right-of-way landscaping.

In addition, continued vegetation management, litter pickup, and graffiti removal will also happen around the City’s six gateway signs throughout Tacoma.

Every quarter, the City will partner with the Washington State Department of Transportation for assistance with graffiti removal and sweeping the shoulders of I-705, SR509, Hwy 16, and SR7 between I-5 and South 38th Street. 


Click HERE to watch the Tacoma Report-Tidy-Up Tacoma Package.


Tidy-Up Tacoma 2022 Schedule

The plan for 2022 is to have two Public Works Grounds Maintenance staff continually rotate through each designated area. Click HERE for information on Neighborhood Business Districts.

*Schedule may be subject to change


Anticipated Month:



Dome Business District, McKinley Hill, Lincoln, Portland Avenue, Pacific Avenue


South Tacoma, Oakland Madrona, Fern Hill, 6th Avenue


Tacoma Narrows, Ruston Point Defiance, Proctor, Old Town, NEW IN 2022 South 12th and South Junett streets and NEW IN 2022 South 72nd Street and Pacific Avenue


Gateways, Dome Business District, McKinley Hill


Lincoln, Portland Avenue, Pacific Avenue, South TacomaOakland Madrona


 Fern Hill, 6th Avenue, Tacoma Narrows, Ruston Point Defiance, Proctor, Old Town


South 12th and South Junett streets and South 72nd Street and Pacific Avenue, Gateways


Dome Business District, McKinley Hill, Lincoln, Portland AvenuePacific Avenue

 *Locations have been prioritized according to Tacoma's Equity Index.


The Stadium and Hilltop Neighborhood Business Districts are currently under the Sound Transit project alignment for the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension. To keep this work on schedule and without interruption, Sound Transit will work with their contractor to clean up around their construction sites. The City will also provide litter and graffiti removal.


Community Neighborhood Cleanup Resources 

The City offers a variety of existing programs and services to residents interested in holding a community cleanup event. Everyone has the power to impact their neighborhood, to make Tacoma a more welcoming, connected, resilient, and vibrant community.


Services Available Include

  • Call-2-Haul: Single-family residential customers can use the free Call-2-Haul service up to two times per year to schedule pickup of large bulky items. Up to 3 large items and 15 boxes or bags of small household items can be collected – call (253) 502-2100, option 3, to schedule an appointment. Residential customers can also call to schedule a time to self-haul their Call-2-Haul items to the Recovery and Transfer Center free of charge. For more information, visit cityoftacoma.org/call2haul
  • Adopt-a-Spot & Neighborhood Litter Patrol programs: These programs offer a way for community volunteers to help keep public spaces clean. The City can provide materials and garbage disposal for volunteer cleanup events targeting litter and debris in public areas of the community. For more information, visit the Adopt-A-Spot and Neighborhood Litter Patrol page or call (253) 591-5000.
  • Report large debris or illegal dumping in the public right-of-way through the cityoftacoma.org/TacomaFIRST311 or by calling (253) 591-5000. 
  • For resources and information on graffiti removal on private property, visit cityoftacoma.org/graffiti.
For a full list of Tacoma Neighborhood Cleanup Programs, visit cityoftacoma.org/cleanup.


District Navigators 
The neighborhood business districts will be utilizing District Navigators to assist in the coordination of volunteer cleanups within all fifteen of the Neighborhood Business Districts. A project lead from Litter Free 253 will be assisting the navigators. If residents would like to volunteer to support business district cleanups, please e-mail tidyup253@gmail.com
If community members cannot join an organized clean-up, they can initiate an independent clean up in their neighborhood by doing any of the following: 
  • Pick up litter from your curb and sidewalk.
  • Do a spring cleaning of your block.
  • Pick up litter while walking your dog or with a friend.
  • Adopt a public park for the day and pick up litter.


This effort is a collaboration between Public Works Street Operations, Environmental Services, Neighborhood and Community Services, and Community and Economic Development. Community partnerships include the Washington State Department of Transportation and Litter Free 253.

For more information, contact the TacomaFIRST 311 Customer Support Center by dialing 311 within Tacoma city limits or (253) 591-5000 from anywhere else or email csc@cityoftacoma.org.


2021 Tidy-Up Tacoma Recap

2021 Tidy-Up Tacoma Initiative Recap 

From September through November 2021, City crews were out on the main arterials of Neighborhood Business Districts to clean up litter/debris, perform graffiti removal, right-of-way landscaping, and street sweeping. 


Vegetation management, litter pickup, and graffiti removal also took place around the City’s six gateway signs located throughout the city. Over the eight weeks, this effort took place, the total amount of material removed from all of these areas was 66.3 tons.

Before and After Photos from Business Districts 

Before and After pictures from the Old Town Business District


Before and after photos of Tidy-Up Tacoma initiative

Before and After photos along Portland Avenue Before and after photos from Dome District