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Links to Opportunity Construction

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This Web Page is Available in 100+ Languages

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This Web Page is Available in 100+ Languages

Need this web page translated? 需要翻译此页面吗? ត្រូវការបកប្រែភាសាគេហទំព័រនេះមែនទេ?          웹페이지의 번역이 필요하십니까? Хотите перевести эту страницу? ¿Necesita traducir esta página web? Kailangan isalin ang pahina sa web na ito? Bn cn dch trang web này?



Construction Update!

Bid Package 3 between 6th and Earnest S. Brazill has started construction at 6th & MLK Jr. Way on the west side of the street. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2-block increments, alternating sides of the street to minimize disruption to residents and businesses.

Construction Start: August 22, 2023

Scheduled finish for Bid Package 3 – February 2024


Bid Package 5 between S. 15th Street and S. 19th Street is in final preparation for advertisement for bids scheduled to happen before end of 2023.

Project office hours. Have questions about the project? Visit the LTO Project Office shared with the Hilltop Action Coalition at 1116 Earnest S Brazill St on Wednesdays, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Or contact the Project Manager, Jon Kulju at 253-591-5204 or email at jkulju@cityoftacoma.org during the week.



The City of Tacoma needs help prioritizing stories for historic plaques. 


Survey Link: Hilltop Historical Plaque Project Survey (surveymonkey.com)


Do you have stories to share about important people, places, or events in Hilltop, or a desire to help identify which stories need to be told? As part of the Hilltop Streetscape Improvement Project, we are creating up to 20 bronze plaques that will each include a photo and paragraph about an important story in Hilltop. The plaques will be installed along Martin Luther King Jr. Way, between 6th Ave and S. 19th. We are looking for people, places, businesses, events, stories, and organizations to honor permanently in the streetscape. This project is informed in part by community engagement and outreach done in 2016-2018, where there were many calls for the history of Hilltop to be included in the design of the streetscape. A committee of community members is helping to review and refine the subjects and design of these plaques.


You can find more info about the engagement work that has already been done here: Hilltop creative specialists engage community about street design | Tacoma Daily Index and here: Links to Opportunity - City of Tacoma

Please reach out to Rebecca Solverson with questions, Rebecca.solverson@cityoftacoma.org / 253-591-5564.

Use this QR code or follow the link above to give us your input.


Project Description

The Links to Opportunity Streetscape Project (LTO) completes the construction of the sidewalk and streetscape upgrades in the Stadium and Hilltop Districts along the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension Project. The scope of the improvements will include bringing existing sidewalks to ADA compliance, adding streetscape features including varying concrete sidewalk colors and paver designs, inscriptions in granite panels, bronze historic plaques, upgraded pedestrian lighting, street furniture, bicycle racks, corrals and repair station, street trees, and landscaping.


Project Concepts


Proj Concepts



Project Map


Proj Map


The LTO Project begins at the intersection of N 1st Street and Tacoma Avenue, continues west to Division Ave, following the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension project to Martin Luther King Jr. Way, then south to South 19th Street.


Project Construction and Equity in Contracting

Public Works Department has engaged with Community and Economic Development Department to fully embrace the Equity in Contracting Program to reach out to MWBE contractors and communicate the opportunities to bid and subcontract for these projects.

The overall construction project has been divided into five separate areas, breaking up the corridor into managed construction packages ranging from $650K to $3.2M (See map above).

The City conducted outreach events where Prime Contractors and Subcontractors were invited to learn about the upcoming opportunities on the LTO packages, City of Tacoma's Equity in Contracting Program requirements, the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) office and network with potential partners. More information about the event is available here: MBDA Opportunities Site


For more information on the City’s Equity in Contracting Program visit the Equity in Contracting Website


 Links to Opportunity Streetscape EIC Requirements: Project Estimated Construction Cost

Package 1 MBE TBD WBE TBD SBE TBD                                Estimated $800,000
Package 2 MBE TBD WBE TBD SBE TBD                 Estimated $650,000
Package 3 MBE 10% WBE 8% SBE 14%   Estimated $3,200,000
Estimated $1,000,000
Estimated $1,350,000


Public Wi-Fi

Infrastructure for Public Wi-Fi is also being incorporated into the project as part of the City of Tacoma Digital Equity Program.  Wi-Fi equipment will be installed at a later time. (Click the link to read more about the program.) 



WiFi Map


Streetscape Concept


concept map

Streetscape concept for street furniture, street trees and decorative concrete


Project Schedule Updates





December 2018

Design Completed

August 2019

Right of Way Completion

Fall 2022

Construction Begin *

Summer 2023 


Estimated 18 months

*Package 3 will be the first to be constructed. Package 5 is expected to be advertised before end of 2023. Other packages will follow.


Project Funding Update


Funding for the LTO project has been secured through several sources including Street Initiative funds, Community Development Block Grant, Sound Transit System Access Fund Grant and the City Real Estate Excise Tax. Additional funding was requested from the WA State Capital Budget. Construction cost estimated at $12 Million dollars for the construction and administration of the project. 




Streets Initiative Fund

$   820,000

Community Development Block Grant


Sound Transit System Access Fund Grant


City Real Estate Excise Tax


Washington State 2021-2023 Capital Budget




Project Construction Contacts 

Construction of the project will impact access to residences and business for limited periods of time to install the new sidewalks. The Public Works and Community & Economic Developments are working closely with the community to ease the disruption and promote communication through direct access to staff, postcard mailers and other media. The construction team will strive to keep the community informed of the construction schedule and be responsive to issues that may arise. More information will be shared as construction nears. In the meantime, please reach out to contact someone on the team at the following: 

Project Contact Information


City of Tacoma Project Manager: Jon Kulju, PMP, (253) 591-5204 or jkulju@cityoftacoma.org.


Carol Wolfe, cwolfe@cityoftacoma.org 253.591.5384 - City of Tacoma, Community and Economic Development Division Manager 

Selena Choy, selena.choy@hac-tacoma.org (253) 301-3299 Hilltop Action Coalition, Program Manager