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Stormwater Rapid Assessment Program (STRAP)

Stormwater Rapid Assessment Program

The City of Tacoma’s stormwater system is comprised of 480 miles of stormwater pipes and over 30,000 other collection and treatment assets (i.e. manholes, storm drains, ponds). To keep the stormwater system running effectively and efficiently the Environmental Services Asset Management Group collects data about these assets and analyzes the results in order to identify and prioritize maintenance and capital improvement projects. Asset Management focused analysis and decision-making ensures stormwater service is properly maintained at the lowest cost to rate payers.

The City of Tacoma’s Stormwater Rapid Assessment Program is a stormwater pipe inspection program that uses a hydraulic-powered CCTV video camera to drive through the City’s stormwater pipes. Inspection data is entered directly into the City’s web-based mapping system, meaning results are available to staff instantly. The Asset Management Group then uses these results to perform risk modelling and failure predictions.

By the Numbers - Current as of September 2018

  • 88.1% (440 miles) of the system has been reviewed
  • 66.7% (321 miles) of the stormwater system is confirmed to be in good condition
  • 16.6% (79.5 miles) of the stormwater system is confirmed to need limited repair
  • 4.9% (23.5 miles) of the stormwater system is confirmed to need replacement
  • In 2018, 26 pipes were identified as needing repairs to prevent an emergency failure
  • Planned stormwater pipe repairs cost approximately four to six times less than emergency repairs