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City of Tacoma to Conduct Tideflats Subarea Plan

City of Tacoma to Conduct Tideflats Subarea Plan


May 8, 2017



Brad Forbes, Office of Council Member McCarthy, bforbes@cityoftacoma.org, (253) 591-5166


City of Tacoma to Conduct Tideflats Subarea Plan


On Tuesday, May 9, 2017, the City of Tacoma will take an important step towards guaranteeing that a comprehensive community dialogue will take place regarding the Port of Tacoma and Tideflats.


First, the City will consider a budget appropriation of $500,000 to pay half the estimated costs for a Subarea Planning process. The Port is expected to pay the other half of the costs. Once approved, the City will finalize an agreement with the Port and begin the Subarea Planning process without delay.


Second, the City will consider Resolution 39723, which will consolidate all Port planning efforts into one single Subarea Planning process. “This resolution is a critical step forward in ensuring that there is holistic, inclusive, and informed community dialogue about current and proposed development at the Port,” Council Member McCarthy said. 


The City has identified the following overall goals and guidelines for the Tideflats Subarea Plan. First the plan will support the creation, enrichment and preservation of desirable, healthy residential neighborhoods and this community’s role as a growing metropolitan city. Second the plan will support continued growth of this community’s economy and employment base, and the important role of the Tideflats area as an economic engine for the City, Pierce County, and the region. Third the plan will support the protection and improvement of our environment and the health and safety of our community and Puget Sound. Finally, the plan will be consistent with state and regional policies while also reflecting Tacoma’s character and values.


Given the increasing current community interest in the Tideflats, the City has received multiple applications/requests for zoning and land use process changes. Resolution 39723 will consolidate these requests into the single Subarea Planning Process, thus facilitating a well-defined, comprehensive, community discussion creating clear policy and a long-term vision for the Tideflats Area.


Click here for a copy of Resolution 39723