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Continuous Improvement

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Continuous Improvement Initiative

The City of Tacoma's Continuous Improvement Initiative is focused on improving services provided to both internal customers and the public by encouraging increased use of data to manage operations and the use of process improvement frameworks (including lean). The Initiative is also tasked with advancing the City’s performance management system by connecting measures to the budgeting process, setting targets, providing comparison data, and presenting quarterly reports to the City Manager and City Council.


In 2015-2016, the Continuous Improvement Initiative Team:

  • Developed overall Continuous Improvement Program including framework, project guidebook, tools/templates, and extensive training materials.
  • Trained 36 employees as Continuous Improvement Advocates and conducted seven executive Lecture sessions.
  • Led over a half dozen projects with staff from across the City on topics ranging from Contract Routing to the Derelict Building process.

Why Continuous Improvement?

We Can Make it Better

We are focused on assisting departments to improve internal and external services. Our mission is to help departments identify problems, implement solutions, and develop analytical capacity citywide. 


Continuous Improvement uses data, process improvement frameworks, training, and other tools to maximize the value provided to both customers and the public. The Initiative is staffed by analysts housed within the Office of Management and Budget, but independent from typical budget functions.





What Do We Do?

Process Improvement Projects

Departments can request assistance from the Continuous Improvement Initiative (CII) to facilitate process improvement projects on issues within their workgroup or cross-functional processes. CII works with the department using the CII framework, performance metrics, strategic planning, and process improvement methodologies to complete in-depth process reviews to enhance the efficiency of processes and operations.


Data Analytics and Performance Management


Performance Management System
The City’s Performance Management System was greatly updated in 2016. The new system links departmental operations to the Strategic Plan and incorporated this information into the Biennial Budgeting process. Check out the City’s new Goals and Performance Measures included in the 2017-2018 Proposed Budget. A online reporting system will debut in 2017. View past reports.


Data Analysis and Dashboards
We serve as internal consultants for departments wanting to expand on their performance management or data analytic efforts. We have assisted departments with identifying sources of data, tools for creating dashboards, and identifying meaningful measures.