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To Apply for a Residential Parking Zone, there must be a Petitioner

In order to begin the process for creating a Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) a designated petitioner must be appointed in order to fulfill certain requirements for the application process. 


Responsibilities of a Petitioner

A petitioner must be willing to:

  • Be the person of record and act as the primary contact for the Residential Parking Program (RPP) request
  • Take on the responsibility for RPP zone notifications
  • Maintain outreach integrity during the process of gathering support
  • Compile evidence to support the RPP zone creation should it be determined eligible
  • Serve as liaison for any community outreach within the boundaries of the requested RPP zone and/or adjacent segments as directed by the City of Tacoma.

Only one petitioner is allowed per an application request for an RPZ. Check your area's petitioner status before applying to be a petitioner.

Interested in Becoming a Petitioner?

Submit an application request to become a petitioner for your area.



Contact Us

To contact the Residential Parking Program (RPP), please email RPP@cityoftacoma.org or call us at (253) 591-5371.