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Locate Eligible Residential Parking Zones

Eligibility for a Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) is limited to zoning classifications that are primarily residential. Enter your address below to determine if you are already within an eligible zoning classification or if there is an existing RPZ within your neighborhood.


Eligible Zoning Classifications:


• R1: One Family Dwelling 

          • R4L: Low Density Multiple Family

• R2: One Family Dwelling

          • R5: Multiple Family Dwelling District

• R2-SRD: One Family Dwelling

          • URX: Townhomes

• R3: Two Family Dwelling

          • NRX: Neighborhood Residential Mixed Use

• R4: Multiple Family Dwelling

          • HMR-SRD: Historical MU Residential-Special Review District

• HMX: Hospital Medical Mixed-Use District • NCX: Neighborhood Commercial Mixed Use District
• UCX: Urban Center Mixed-Use District • CCX: Community Commercial Mixed-Use District
• RCX: Residential Commercial Mixed-Use District  


Existing RPZs have a two-year sunset period to re-apply under the new Residential Parking Program requirements.  Click here to see if your neighborhood RPZ is in the process of transitioning.

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