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Open Space Corridors Project

Project Intent

The Open Space Corridors Project is one of the City’s initial steps to protect and enhance the City’s valuable open space lands and to position the City to achieve its vision.


"Tacoma is green. We have ensured the long-term health and quality of our community through protection of our natural environment, preservation of our tree canopy and responsible use of our natural resources. We live within the capacity of our natural systems, ensuring long-term environmental sustainability"
From Tacoma2025, the City’s Ten-Year Strategic Plan


What Areas of the City Are designated as Parks and Open Space?

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Parks and Open Space map


Current status: Scoping phase; no recommendations have been made at this time.
Expected completion: June 2018


Project Materials for Public Review:

Other background resources:

Staff Contact

Stephen Atkinson

Senior Planner

(253) 591-5531