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Outcome-Based Evaluation

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Measuring Impact and Effectiveness

Human service agencies contracting with the City develop and implement an Outcome Based Evaluation System (OBE) to measure the impact and effectiveness of program services.

Outcome Based Evaluation helps organizations answer the question, “what has changed in the lives of those served as a result of this program?” In order to answer that question, organizations select one mandated outcome, or change they want to see as a result of services, and measure how many of those served are able to meet the outcome.

The evaluation process allows organizations to be accountable, improve the quality of the program, support decision-making about resource allocation, and can help programs market the effectiveness of their services. 

Forms and Deadlines

New Programs

New Programs are given Quarterly Projects for implementing the Outcome Based Evaluation System.   Each quarterly project is due by the end of the quarter in which the project is assigned by your Contract and Program Auditor.
Quarterly Project Timeline

Annual Programs

Annual Programs are typically those program that have contracted with the City before and have an OBE systems in place.  For those on the Annual OBE reporting period an updated Data Collection Worksheet is due at the time of contract negotiation.

Annual Programs Forms
OBE Report Form 
Guide to Calculating Achievement 
Mandatory Outcome List
Data Collection Worksheet (DCW)
Onsite OBE Monitoring

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Youth Development

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