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Contracting Process

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The City’s program and service contracts are managed by the Human Services Division. Once funding is awarded, the agency will be contacted by a Contracting Program Auditor who will work with the agency to negotiate the contract outputs and outcomes, prepares the contract to be executed and oversees the contract for compliance. 


The Contracting Program Auditor will monitor programs and services to ensure that the reporting and accounting requirements are met. The auditor will conduct site visits at least every two years.

As part of the City contract, agencies will be required to provide:

Monthly Billing – A monthly bill is due the 15th of each month for the previous month’s activities through the e-CImpact platform.

Monthly Reporting – Agencies will be required to provide a Monthly Activity Report (MAR) to account for services rendered and the demographics of clients served including age, gender, race and income level, as well as contracted service-related outputs.

Outcome Based Evaluation (OBE) Reports – Funded programs are required to submit a report annually and data sheets every six months that demonstrate and measure the impact and effectiveness of program services on its clients. The evaluation process allows organizations to be accountable, improve program quality, and support decision-making and resource allocation. 

New Programs Quarterly Reporting – New programs are given quarterly projects for implementing Outcome Based Evaluations. Each quarterly project is due by the end of the quarter that it was assigned.

To assist agencies with meeting these requirements the City provides the eCivis tool, which is available for all community-based organizations to use. To create an account, send us an email with your name, organization and email address.

Contact Information

747 Market Street
Room 836
Tacoma, WA 98402

Christopher Wright
Contract and Program Auditor
(253) 591-5075