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Human Services Contracting

Team Responsibilities

The Human Services Planning and Contracting Team is responsible for developing and implementing the Human Services Strategic Plan by facilitating community-wide solutions through strategic funding of effective human services programs and proactive partnerships.

Strategic Plan

The City of Tacoma Human Services Division recently updated its strategic plan for 2015-2019.  We completed an environmental scan to provide insight and guidance to the process that will inform the strategies of the Human Services Division over the next five years. 

View the results of our environmental scan
View the 2015-2019 City of Tacoma Human Services Strategic Plan

Tool for Researching and Tracking Grants

Did you know that eCivis is a tool for grant research and tracking? The City of Tacoma has an agreement that covers licenses and access for any community-based organization that would like access to the service.

Organizations may sign up by sending an email to Kathryn Johnston. Be sure to include your email address, name and organization to get a user account.

Contact Information

747 Market Street

Room 836
Tacoma, WA 98402


Social Wellness

At-Risk Youth

Youth Development

Gang Reduction Project


Mental Health and Chemical Dependency


Vicky McLaurin
Program Manager
(253) 591-5058



Yvette Ferrell

Systems Analyst

(253) 591-5155



Glenda Duldulao

Contract and Program Auditor

(253) 591-5145



Workforce Development

Christopher Wright
Contract and Program Auditor
(253) 591-5075


Homelessness and Household Stability

Erica Azcueta

Program Manager

(253) 591-5015



Jason McKenzie
Contract & Program Auditor

(253) 591-5047



Tiegan Bradbury
Systems Analyst

(253) 573-2320