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TFD Cares

FDCARES is a fire department based community injury and illness prevention program. FDCARES has been developed so that the fire department may assist the citizens of our community with issues BEFORE the issue becomes an emergency!

Link to the FDCARES website This is a community assistance program developed to prevent injury, illness and the need for emergency medicine for the citizens that we serve. We are working to improve the quality of health throughout our community and provide for a longer healthier independent lifestyle.

Do you or a loved one have a situation that may cause injury or illness that you are finding difficult to solve on your own? Are you finding that you have nowhere else to turn? We can help! 

There may be services available to you that you are not aware of. Let us assist you in navigating the Social Service Network and advocate on your behalf with insurance providers and other health care professionals.

Contact Information

(253) 534-8734