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Regulatory License Information

In addition to a business license, one or more of the following Regulatory Licenses are required if your business engages in any of the activities listed below.  Regulatory licenses may also have a separate application and renewal forms.  Businesses requiring a regulatory license must also maintain a Tacoma business license.

Regulatory Licenses

6B.30 Adult Entertainment
6B.140 Transient Accommodations
6B.40 Alarm Devices
6B.150 Oil and Gas Delivery Vehicles
6B.50 Ambulances
6B.160 Pawnbrokers, Secondhand Dealers and Garage Sales
6B.70 Entertainment and Dancing - Alcohol ServedSafety Plan Application
6B.80 Entertainment and Dancing or Skating Rinks-All Ages
6B.175 Food Truck Vendors                                                                   
6B.180 Sales-Sidewalk Vending
6B.90 Fire Alarms
6B.110 Garages, Fuel Stations, and Marine Repair Facilities
6B.200 Septic and Side Sewer Contractors; Right of Way Bond Form
6B.210 Sign Erectors
6B.125 Hazardous Materials
6B.130 Home OccupationsAutomobile Repair as Home Occupation Policy
6B.230 Temporary Licenses - Sales or Shows


For more information on Regulatory Licenses, contact the Tax and License Division at (253) 591-5252 or view the Tacoma Municipal Code Title 6 -Tax and License Code.


Sidewalk Vending

In an effort to promote and encourage long-term sidewalk vending, Tacoma's City Council has changed the requirements for sidewalk vending businesses. The City has partnered with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce, and the Go Local campaign to help create an easier application process for potential sidewalk vending business. For more information, please call Tax and License at (253) 591-5252. For information on the Health Department mobile food cart requirements please call (253) 798-6460. 

Sidewalk Vending Brochure
Sidewalk Vending Application
Sidewalk Vendor Checklist

In addition to the City of Tacoma, vendors are required to contact other regulatory agencies to ensure they are in compliance.

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department
(253) 798-6460

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
(360) 902-5221

Washington State Department of Licensing
(360) 664-1400

Requirements for Entertainment and Dancing Establishments

Written safety plans are a requirement for all entertainment establishments that hold an Entertainment and Dancing license. An Entertainment and Dancing Supplemental Form will be sent to all current licensed businesses when their license renews.

Entertainment and Dancing with Alcohol Supplemental Form
International Fire Code Sections 404 and 405 

Security Personnel License

Security personnel working at an establishment will need to obtain a Security Personnel license by completing the Security Personnel License Application.  Security Personnel applicants will also be required to attend the City's training program. It is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure that the security personnel working at their establishment has a current license with the City of Tacoma.

For a detailed list of the requirements, please read Tacoma Municipal Code Chapter 6B.70 or contact the Tax and License office at (253) 591-5522 or via email.