SWR Results

Preliminary and Final results for Small Works Roster solicitations are provided in the following table.  Results will be posted as they become available. 


Small Works Roster bid submittals are available for review in the Purchasing Division office but only during normal business hours.

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You may also request these documents through a public records request through the City Clerk's office.


This section features summary results of recent Small Works Roster Bids.  The results shown here are for informational purposes only and may not represent final determination of the lowest responsive, responsible bidder.  Some of the bid submittal results available on this page are summary figures only, which may or may not include sales tax.


These results are provided for public informational purposes only. This page does not authorize any vendor to begin a project.  A purchase order and/or contract will be issued to awarded vendors. The City reserves the right to not award a contract for any reason.  Some results are provided in PDF format. 

Specification Number Description Submittal Deadline Results Action Date Status/Award
ES14-0748S Tacoma Landfill Reinforced Concrete Pad 03/25/2015 Preliminary

  Under Review
WD15-0124S Asphalt Pavement Restoration - East 11th & Portland Ave.  03/04/2015 Preliminary

  Under Review 
WD15-0174S Asphalt Pavement Restoration - 3600 Block S Warner St. 03/18/2015 Preliminary
  Under Review 
WD14-0746S Pavement Restoration - 2902 Taylor Way 01/07/2015 Final

01/12/2015 Asphalt Patch Systems
WD14-0745S Asphalt Pavement Restoration at Eastside Dr & Arthur St NE 01/02/2015 Final

01/12/2015 Asphalt Patch Systems
TW14-0651S Asphalt Pavement Restoration - 138th Ave Ct E & 117th St E 12/01/2014 Final

12/08/2014 A A Asphalting Inc.
PW14-0587S S. 56th Street Gateway Sign 11/20/2014 Final
12/02/2014 Nordic Construction Inc.
TW14-0650S Concrete and Asphalt Pavement Restoration - 8 Locations 11/20/2014 Final

11/21/2014 A A Asphalting Inc.
HS14-0639S  Demolition of Building at 1313 1/2 Fawcett Avenue, Tacoma, WA 11/21/2014 Final

12/02/2014 Wm Dickson Co.
PW14-0301S South 13th and Commerce Sidewalk Improvement 10/09/2014 Final 10/23/2014 T. Miller Construction Inc.
HS14-0550S Demolition of Building at 4621 South M Street, Tacoma, WA 10/15/2014 Final
10/23/2014 Pelland Enterprises LLC
TW14-0600S Asphalt Pavement Restoration - 2547 Yakima Ave S. and 2516 & 2530 Court G 10/29/2014 Final

11/06/2014 Asphalt Patch Systems, Inc.
TW14-0518S Pavement Restoration - 6006 128th St S 09/24/2014 Final
10/01/2014 A A Asphalting Inc.
HS14-0442S Demolition of Building at 2101 South Sprague Avenue 09/22/2014 Final 09/23/2014 Pelland Enterprises, LLC
HS14-0467S Demolition of Building at 6220 East Portland Ave 09/19/2014 Final 09-23-2014 Pelland Enterprises LLC
HS14-0441S Demolition of Building at 1954 South Wilkeson Street 09/19/2014 Final 09/23/2014 Woodland Industries
PW14-0451S South 56th Street Corridor Striping 05/25/2014 Final 08/28/2014 Apply-A-Line Inc
PW14-0469S Tree Trimming Services - South Mildred Street 08/22/2014 Final 08/28/2014 A-L-S American Landscape LLC
ES14-0423S Storm Main Cleaning 07/30/2014 Final 08/27/2014 Olson Brothers Pro Vac LLC