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Architectural and Engineering (A&E) Rosters

A&E Rosters

Architectural and Engineering (A&E) rosters are used to select firms* and consultants based on qualifications for projects or jobs on an as-needed basis. At the City's option, the City may also issue Requests for Qualifications for large/complex projects or jobs that require specialized services.  Inclusion on a City of Tacoma A&E Roster is not a guarantee or promise that a contract will be awarded.  


The City of Tacoma maintains two rosters of A&E firms (as defined by RCW 39.80). They are:

  1. A&E Citywide (Non-LAG) Roster
    This roster is for Architectural and Engineering projects that do not require use of Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) LAG.
  2. Local Agency Guidelines (LAG) Roster
    This roster is undergoing a review and update.  Contract awards resulting from this roster are on hold until updates are complete.

    This roster is for Architectural and Engineering projects that include state or federal funding requiring the use of the 
    WSDOT LAG. The LAG Manual provides policies and standards for local agencies to follow when using Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funds for transportation projects.

    When submitting your information for the A&E LAG roster, all proposers must provide documentation from WSDOT or another accepted governmental agency documenting review of the indirect cost rate for the current fiscal year (Current Audited Rates).  Before submitting, please block out your overhead rate on your copy of the last audited approval letter.  

Apply for the Architectural and Engineering (A&E) Services Rosters

To apply, applicants must first complete the City of Tacoma profile in SAP Ariba.

Selection of Firms

Firms will be selected for projects based on their qualifications and ability to meet the requirements of the City. The scope of services shall be based upon specific project requirements. The firm found best qualified earns the opportunity to begin contract negotiations.

*The A&E roster is restricted by RCW to engineers, architects, landscape architects and land surveyors, and cannot be used for construction, maintenance or repair services, biological surveys, archeological digs, financial consulting, etc. Reference these RCW chapters for definitions: Architects (RCW 18.08), engineers and land surveyors (RCW 18.43), and landscape architects (RCW18.96).

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