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Grit City Trees

Grit City Trees - Free Street Tree Giveaway Program

Applications for Grit City Street Trees are now being accepted. This program provides free trees to Tacoma homeowners who are interested in planting in the right-of-way. The goal of the program is to increase tree canopy and beautify neighborhoods through community building and tree planting. We encourage Tacoma residents to work with their neighbors to apply for trees as a group. For questions, email us at trees@cityoftacoma.org or call us at (253) 591-5213.


Program Details:

  • Applications are due September 10, 2018.
  • The Grit City Trees application form must be used; other forms will not be accepted.
  • TAGROTree Care Agreements must be signed by all participating property owners.
  • These trees are for the right-of-way only.
  • Species availability is limited.

 Neighborhood Group Applications (Neighbors Planting Together):

  1. Neighbors who can organize a tree planting that involves a minimum of 10 trees and three participating property owners within a two block distance will qualify to submit a Neighborhood Group Application.
  2. Neighborhood Group Applications will have trees delivered by City of Tacoma to one designated house.
  3. Neighborhood Group Applications will also receive a free delivery of TAGRO Mix and woodchip mulch. One cubic yard of both materials per 10 trees will be delivered to the designated house.

  4. Neighborhood Group Applications will be eligible to compete for planting assistance from partner organizations. Planting assistance is limited by the capacity of partner organizations. Preference will be given to the Neighborhood Group Applications with the most number of trees. Please contact us directly if you feel that you or your neighbors may require this additional assistance.  

  5. Each individual property owner participating in the Neighborhood Group Application needs to submit an application and the “Tree Care Agreement, Including Liability Release” form included in the packet. 

  6. All individual neighborhood  request forms should indicate the designated tree drop-off address. All individual neighborhood applications should be submitted together in one envelope.

Individual Request Applications:

  1. For individuals interested in free trees for their right-of-way, an individual property owner may submit an application along with the “Tree Care Agreement, Including Liability Release” form included in the application.
  2. Trees need to be picked up from the City of Tacoma Tree Nursery at the Recycling and Transfer Center. Confirmation regarding dates for pick-up will be sent out at least two weeks before pick-up days.
  3. Bagged TAGRO mix and woodchips will be available at the nursery on a first come, first serve basis. Once supplies run out, participants can pick up unbagged TAGRO at the main TAGRO pick-up site at the Central Treatment Plant off Portland Avenue. Staff at the nursery can direct people to the TAGRO location.

Applications should be sent to or dropped off at:

City of Tacoma

Environmental Services, OEPS - Urban Forestry

326 E. D St

Tacoma, WA 98421 

Or scanned and emailed to: trees@cityoftacoma.org