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ginkgo treeWhat is an Urban Forest?

An urban forest refers to the natural and planted vegetation in urban areas--both public and private.  Our urban forest is comprised not just of trees and other vegetation in parks but also trees and other landscaping that line the roadways and vegetation on private property.

The part of the forest that exists within the City of Tacoma boundaries is a component of the larger regional network that includes our neighboring counties and cities in the greater Puget Sound region. EverGreen Tacoma, Tacoma's Urban Forestry Program, is specifically focused on protecting and maintaining the trees of our urban forest that are in public spaces and protecting and planting the trees of our urban forest that are on city rights-of-way within the boundaries of the City of Tacoma. Metro Parks Tacoma manages the trees of our urban forest on parks lands.

There are many benefits of trees and collectively our urban forest provides a unique green infrastructure that if maintained and cared for continues to give back to the community. Our goal is to continue to enhance the health, properly maintain and diversify our urban forest and ensure it provides these benefits for generations to come. Urban Forestry is an integral part of the vast variety of services the City of Tacoma offers its residents and it can often be a part of the solution to municipal issues and problems, such as traffic calming, surface water management and more.

Tacoma's urban forest belongs to everyone.

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What We Do

EverGreen Tacoma is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and enhancement of both public trees and street trees installed for City projects within the city limits. Staff at Urban Forestry do the following:


  • Review permits to plant, prune, or remove public or street trees.

  • Work with Code Enforcement on assessment of hazard trees.  

  • Review pre-development plans and landscape plans that involve street trees.

  • Work with advisory committees, citizen groups, partner organizations and decision makers to update policy and programs that better facilitate the regulation and enhancement of the urban forest.

  • Promote the health and growth of our urban forest through educational workshops, brochure development, and technical assistance provided to residents, public agencies and City staff.
  • Collaborate with certified arborists to ensure work is performed in accordance with required arboricultural specifications and standards.

  • Urban Forestry crews also perform work throughout the city. Their work consists of planting trees along rights-of-way, pruning and removing trees, and other emergency work in the right-of-way and publicly owned property.

Who We Are

Urban Forestry staff from left: Ramie Pierce, Urban Forester, Mike Carey, Landscape Designer and Certified Arborist, Craig Hamburg, Certified Arborist, Steve Shook, Certified Arborist

Not pictured: Desiree Pooley, Open Space

Image of Washington Conservation Corps Crew 2013-4Washington Conservation Corps Crew front row from left: Eslee Kenic, Portia Leigh, Fritz Peter, Sarah Baum
Back row from left: Stuart Johnson (Crew Lead), Eric Hanson, Joe Linden, Mallory Peterson, Jr. Joesph Fuimaono (Crew Lead), and Justin Fuimaono
Not pictured: Monica Szarvas and Jessica Roberts

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please call us at (253) 591-2048 or email us.


EverGreen Tacoma
326 East D Street
Tacoma, WA 98421

Phone: (253) 591-2048
Fax: (253) 502-2107

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