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Stormwater Rapid Assessment Program (STRAP)

The City of Tacoma’s Stormwater Rapid Assessment Program is the first in the nation to use the German-made Kleen-Vue inspection system, which uses a hydraulic-powered video camera to drive through the City’s stormwater pipes and relay a wireless signal back to a technician to find out where problems exist.

During the first year, City employees have examined 35 percent of the City’s stormwater system. This inspection method is approximately five times faster than current industry standards and is being used to direct and prioritize stormwater capital projects. Inspection data is entered directly into the City’s web-based mapping system, meaning results are available to staff instantly.

The program began March 18, 2011, and is expected to be completed within four years.

By the Numbers - March 2011 to March 2012

  • City employees have reviewed 170 miles out of a total 476 miles of pipe so far
  • 22 percent of the stormwater system is confirmed to be in good condition
  • 9.8 percent of the stormwater system is confirmed to need limited repair
  • 3.4 percent of the stormwater system is confirmed to need replacement
  • Inspections for the remaining 65 percent of the system will be complete within three years
  • The one-year old Stormwater Rapid Assessment Program is approximately five times faster than industry standard methods
  • Emergency stormwater pipe repairs cost approximately four to six times more than planned repairs

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