aluminum canSolid Waste Management offers curbside recycling service to single-family residential homes, multi-family units and commercial businesses. The City of Tacoma Recycling Center also accepts a variety of recyclable items from Tacoma and Pierce County residents. Please click on the links below for more information about the utility's recycling services and resources.

Residents (single-family and duplex)
Apartments and Condos
Recycling Center
Reduce and Reuse

Why Should You Recycle?

Save Energy
It takes less energy to make recycled products than it does to use new materials.

Save Natural Resources
Using virgin materials often requires extracting and processing raw materials from the earth. This process can pollute our air, water, and land.

Save Landfill Space
Recycled items go into new products instead of wasting landfill space.

Create Jobs
Recycling creates more jobs and a rate of 6:1 over landfilling.

Save Money
Decrease the size of your garbage container and increase the size of your recycle container – you’ll save money and the environment.