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Green Event Instructions & Forms

Pre-Event Actions

  • Review the Green Events Guide to better understand the Green Events Program, event criteria, and program benefits.
  • Meet with all involved parties of your event to inform them of your sustainability efforts. Gather feedback and input that may be incorporated into the Green Events Scorecard Application.
  • Make vendors aware of your sustainability efforts and ask for their cooperation and participation.
  • City staff will review your Scorecard Application and respond to you with your results within one week. If your event is approved as a Green Event you will receive an email with a certificate and logo demonstrating your Green Event participation and sustainability efforts, to be used in event advertising and publications.

Event Day Actions

  • Promotion - Strategically place Green Event banners and signs, and make sure they are placed at entrances. Bring media attention to your Green Event initiatives.
  • Volunteers - Make sure volunteers understand duties assigned in the Waste Management Plan. Make sure that volunteers have the necessary supplies to perform assigned tasks.
  • Compliance - City staff may perform random spot-checking to ensure that initiatives reported on the event scorecard are being complied with.

Post-Event Actions

  • Complete an Event Wrap-Up Form and submit it to the City to demonstrate your compliance within 20 days of your event.
  • Ask everyone involved for suggestions and feedback.
  • Prepare a press release highlighting your event's sustainability success.

Required Forms

  1. Scorecard Application - submit as soon as possible before event to Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability at sustainability@cityoftacoma.org.
  2. Waste Management Plan - submit before event to Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability at sustainability@cityoftacoma.org.
  3. Event Wrap-Up Form - submit within 20 days after event to Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability at sustainability@cityoftacoma.org.