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Hosting a Green Event

green event seal
In an effort to further the sustainability vision of the community, the City of Tacoma has created a Green Events Program to help events decrease their impact on the environment. Events that meet the criteria will implement sustainability initiatives developed by the City, and are encouraged to develop and submit their own ideas for green initiatives as well. The Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability has provided event planners with a Green Events Guide and instructions to make this process as easy and cost effective as possible.

Participants of the Green Events Program will receive recognition on the Green Events web page and will be given special marketing materials they can use to let the public know how sustainable they are. Besides the pride and satisfaction of being a responsible steward of the environment, there are many benefits that come with hosting a Green Event, such as the potential to increase event attendance, create less waste, and reduce event costs.

Make sure to check and see if your event meets the Green Events criteria before planning an event. Events that do not meet the criteria for mandatory participation are also encouraged to become Green Events.