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Lincoln Streetscape



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Lincoln District Streetscape

The Lincoln District Streetscape is the cornerstone of the Lincoln Revitalization Project. Key features of the streetscape include neighborhood entryway, roadway, sidewalk and pedestrian infrastructure improvements. These upgrades are happening along the stretch of South 38th Street, from South J Street to South Fawcett Avenue, which serves as the primary corridor of the Lincoln Business District and Mixed Use Center. This project seeks to enhance pedestrian access, traffic calming measures and landscaping elements. There is also a public art component to provide distinctive gateway attractions on both sides of the improved streetscape. 


Project Overview Map

Project Revitalization Area View

Cross Section View

Yakima Avenue Concept Plan


Project Updates


South G Street Traffic Revision  

Drivers can expect to see construction crews working on South G Street with the following traffic revisions:

  • Southbound traffic will be reduced to one way on South G Street.
  • Northbound traffic on South G Street will be closed with detour to South 38th Street and Pacific Avenue in place.
  • Parking will be reduced to only the Westside of South G Street from South 37th to South 38th streets.
  • South G Street is expected to be generally complete and return to two-way traffic in late September.

S. G. Street


Paving South G Street, September 25, 2017




South 38th Street – S. J Street to S. Fawcett Avenue

  • TRAFFIC REVISION - Traffic control devices have been setup on S. 38th Street.  Traffic has shifted to the north side of the street and been reduced to one lane in each direction. On-street parking is temporarily removed on S. 38th Street during the work.
  • Construction has begun on the south side of S. 38th Street the week of September 11th.  The contractor will initially focus on installing new utilities in the roadway, and then will begin the sidewalk work.
  • Pending weather delays, work on the south side of S. 38th Street will continue through January 2018. 

Work on Phase 1 of the Lincoln District Streetscape Project started Wednesday, July 5, 2017. Construction will take place on South 38th Street, from South J Street to South Fawcett Avenue, and along South G Street and South Yakima Avenue, between South 37th and South 38th streets. This phase is expected to run July 2017 through early June 2018. During construction, traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction in the construction zone.


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Streetscape Work Scheduled for July 2017-June 2018

Lincoln Streetscape Schedule

Phase 1: Consists of South 38th Street from South J Street to South Fawcett Avenue, including South G Street and South Yakima Avenue from South 37th to South 38th streets.


Phase 2: Consists of South Yakima Avenue from South 38th to South 39th streets.

Task (Phase 1 and 2)

Estimated Timeline

Phase 1:



December 2016

Advertise & Award

May 2017


July 2017 - June 2018

Phase 2:



January 2018

Advertise & Award

April 2018


June 2018 - October 2018

Lincoln Streetscape Funding



General Fund


Bond Funding


Environmental Services (Phase 1 only)


Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) Funds


Streets Initiative Funding


WA State Transportation Improvement Board Grant


Tacoma Water (Phase 1 only)


TPU Power Rebate/Street Light Contribution


Total Project Budget


Information for Businesses

The City is dedicated to reducing the impact of construction on businesses as much as possible.  Staff will hold monthly meetings with the project contractor at the Lincoln Project Office (750 South 38th Street, Suite C) where businesses can ask specific questions and have their concerns addressed.  Staff will also be sending out construction updates and information via an electronic email system.  Click HERE to subscribe to the Lincoln Revitalization Project Newsletter.


Click HERE to view the Business Resource Guide


The Lincoln Project Office will be open from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, with staff who can answer any questions businesses might have. 


There will be decorative Business Open signs throughout the constructing area to make sure customers know your store is open, as well as printed Pocket Guides with useful strategies for surviving construction. 

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Mark D’Andrea

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