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Healthy Homes, Healthy Neighborhoods

About the Program

The Healthy Homes, Healthy Neighborhoods program addresses big challenges on a small scale, one neighborhood at a time. Through door-to-door conversations and neighborhood events, project staff members connect Tacoma residents to local resources that help them make their homes and community healthier and more eco-friendly while reducing everyday household costs.


Available Help

Heating & Energy Conservation

We work with multiple partners to offer the following programs that improve household heating while reducing the size of your energy bill:

  • Bill Payment Assistance
  • Home Repair
  • Window Replacement
  • Insulation
  • Ductless Heat Pump and other efficient heating systems
  • Uncertified Wood Stove Disposal or Replacement (see Air Quality tab)

Electric Heating (Tacoma Power)

  • $800 toward a ductless heat pump
  • Up to $1,000 toward replacement windows
  • Up to $3,000 toward insulation
  • Up to $450 toward sealing leaky air ducts
  • 7-year, 0% financing
  • Contact Sarah at (253) 502-8377 or by email

Natural Gas Heating (Puget Sound Energy)

  • Up to $750 toward replacement windows
  • Up to $2,300 toward insulation
  • $350 toward a forced-air furnace
  • $800 toward an integrated space and water heating system
  • Contact Andrea at (253) 476-6425, fill out the web form, or by email

Other Weatherization Resources (Metropolitan Development Council)


Income-qualified residents (including renters, with landlord approval) can receive:

  • Free household weatherization and energy conservation support
  • Contact Michael at (253) 383-3921 or by email 

Home Repair

Income-qualified owners who are elderly or disabled with the help of Rebuilding Together South Sound can receive:

  • Up to $500 per program year for urgent, minor home repairs.
  • $501-$4,999 for one-time moderate home repair projects.
  • Contact Rachel at (253) 948-3712 or by email.
Want to do it yourself? Share tools, share skills, and connect with your community. Tacoma Tool Library is a resource to:
  • Access tools, knowledge, and the DIY community only for a suggested donation.
  • Donate your tools.
  • Contact (954) 866-5253 or email.
  • Visit the new location in Lincoln neighborhood at 754 South 38th Street.

Air Quality

As of October 1, 2015, it is illegal to own or operate an uncertified wood stove in the Tacoma-Pierce County Smoke Reduction Zone. The new rule requires any wood stove that is not EPA-certified to be removed and recycled or rendered inoperable.

  • Learn about the Smoke Reduction Zone, burn ban rules, and if your wood burning device is eligible for remaining program resources at the Air Safe Pierce County website. Call or e-mail to learn more about this program:  (253) 798-4540 or email

Water Conservation

Learn where your water really goes and how to reduce your usage. Using less water means lower bills!

  • Save on water and energy bills by visiting Tacoma Public Utilities at 3628 South 35th Street for a free showerhead, faucet aerators, and LED light bulbs, or contact them by email

Water Quality

You can stop water pollution with little changes to your everyday activities.


Here's a quick tip on water quality: using the "right" soap isn't enough, so when you wash your vehicle, keep the suds off the street. Instead:

  • Wash it on the lawn - the soil will absorb and break down the pollutants your car produces
  • Visit a commercial car wash - this takes care of the runoff from your vehicle. Get a free car wash ticket by calling (253) 208-9046 or email

Take action to be a champion for our waters:

  • Join the Stream Team to protect Salmon habitat and our Sound! Contact Pierce Conservation District at (253) 845-9770 ext. 103 or by email
  • Or, address flooding and stormwater pollution by adding rain gardens to beautify your lawn. Contact Environmental Services by email


Trees are amazing. They help improve air and water quality, beautify your home, and raise property values. All across Tacoma, we’re working to expand our urban forests, keep trees healthy, and make sure we have the right trees in the right places.


Are you looking to plant? 

  • Email Urban Forestry for a free discount coupon to local nurseries when planting season returns October 1st.

Gardening and Healthy, Affordable Food

Garden in your yard or in containers. You can reduce the impact of fossil fuels and agricultural chemicals on our health and our environment, all while saving money at the grocery store.

Don't have the space for a home garden? Grow your own food at a community garden, or find an orchard or food forest near you. Getting healthy, affordable food into your home is easier (and cheaper) than you think with Harvest Pierce County. Participation fees vary by community garden.

  • Contact Micaela at (253) 306-3457 or by email

Waste Reduction

Make sure you use your blue recycling and brown food/yard waste containers to reduce the amount of reusable waste that goes into the landfill. If you don't fill your green garbage container all the way between pick-ups, consider downsizing to save more than $100 this year.

  • Contact Solid Waste Management at (253) 502-2100

Watch our our 2-5 minute EnviroShorts videos to see how we reclaim our resources and put them to use in new ways. Teach your kids, and learn something new too!


See an Efficient, Sustainable Home in Action

Visit the EnviroHouse at the Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center and take free, hands-on sustainability workshops.

Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center
3510 S Mullen Street
(253) 573-2426


Hilltop 2015-2016

The third program year focused in the Hilltop neighborhood and ended July 2016.


Read more about Hilltop 2015-2016

Lincoln 2015-2017

The Lincoln neighborhood program began in conjunction with the City's Lincoln District Revitalization Project, and is part of Healthy Homes, Healthy Neighborhoods third program year. Read more about Lincoln 2015-2017

Dometop 2014-2015

In its second year, Healthy Homes, Healthy Neighborhood focused on the Dometop neighborhood, connecting residents to resources and opportunities for eco-friendly cost-savings and community health.Read more about Dometop 2014-2015

Wapato Lake 2012-2013

The pilot project for the Healthy Homes, Healthy Neighborhoods program was completed and took place from September 2012 to July 2013 in Tacoma's Wapato Lake neighborhood.
Read more about Wapato Lake 2012-2013


Get Involved in the Program and Your Community

Lend a hand and volunteer, or attend our events!


Program Staff

Patrick Babbitt

Director, Lincoln Neighborhood

(253) 591-5173