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Tacoma Has a Curfew

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Did you know that Tacoma has a curfew?

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Since January 1995, the City of Tacoma has had a juvenile curfew law that prohibits youth under the age of 18 from being out in public between the hours of midnight and 6 AM.  Both youth and their parents may be cited for violating this ordinance.

Tacoma Municipal Code, Chapter 8.109

A minor commits an offense if he/she goes to, is at, or remains in any public place or is on the premises of any establishment within the City during curfew hours.

A parent commits an offense if he/she knowingly permits the minor to go to, be at, or remain in a public place or if he/she fails to appear to take the minor into custody after contact with a Tacoma police officer.

Curfew violations are civil infractions and are punishable by a citation and a fine of up to $250.  The current fine is set at $125.

Exceptions to the Law

  • Being accompanied by a parent
  • Being on an errand at the direction of a parent
  • Being in a motor vehicle involved in interstate travel
  • Being engaged in legal employment activity
  • Being involved in an emergency
  • Being on the sidewalk next to the minor’s residence if there have been no complaints by neighbors
  • Attending, going to, or returning home from, without any detour or unnecessary stop, an official school, religious, or other activity supervised by adults (including currently funded curfew support programs)
  • Exercising first amendment rights (such as freedom of religion, speech, assembly, etc.)
  • Being married (and thus having achieved the status of majority)
  • Engaged in lawful commercial activity which has begun prior to curfew hours, as long as the minor proceeds directly home afterwards (i.e. going to a movie)

Purpose of the Law

  • To reduce incidence of juvenile crime and victimization
  • To promote parental responsibility and accountability for the actions and activities of their children
  • To foster livability and safety in Tacoma neighborhoods and commercial areas
  • To empower the community to collaboratively prevent crime and victimization
  • To provide youth with opportunities for late-hours activities and programs that build positive character traits

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Curfew Ordinance 8.109