Recycling Center

The Recycling Center accepts clean, separated recyclable items from City of Tacoma and Pierce County residents, as well as from businesses with small truckloads of material. There is no charge to use the Recycling Center.


Accepted Items at the Recycling Center


Before recycling anything, see if it can be reused, repaired or donated first. Below is a list of items accepted for recycling or donation at the Recycling Center. Unlike curbside collection, you must separate your recyclables and place inside individually-marked bins as they are listed here. Please remember to rinse out bottles, jugs, jars, tubs, cans and other items that may have food residue.


  • Mixed paper
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines and catalogs
  • Phone books
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Plastic-coated food boxes and cartons
  • Plastic bags (grocery, department store, dry cleaning)
    Put into one bag and tie at the top
  • Bubble wrap
  • Pop, water & juice bottles
  • Clear plastic bottles or jugs
  • Colored plastic bottles or jugs
  • Uncolored plastic bottles or jugs
  • Plastic tubs, jars  & trays
  • Tin & aerosol cans
  • Aluminum cans, clean foil and trays
  • Clear glass bottles & jars
  • Brown glass bottles & jars
  • Green glass bottles & jars
  • Blue glass bottles & jars
  • Red glass bottles & jars
  • Packing peanuts (contained in securely tied bags or boxes with lids)
  • #6 Styrofoam blocks
  • Scrap metal (30 lbs or under and less than 4 feet in length or width, no lawnmowers)
  • Inkjet or laser printer and toner cartridges (empty)
  • Batteries (Separate into three bins: 1) Household 2) Ni-Cads 3) Other)
  • Cell phones, batteries, chargers (Other cell phone recycling locations include the Tacoma Public Utilities lobby at 3628 S. 35th St., 8 AM-5 PM, Monday-Friday or the Tacoma Municipal Building 2nd floor lobby at 747 Market St., 8 AM-5 PM, Monday-Friday.)

Recycling Center Hours and Directions


8 AM-6 PM, Everyday
(Closed: New Year’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day)

Recycling Center Map

The Recycling Center is located at the Tacoma Landfill (3510 S. Mullen St., Tacoma, WA  98409)
  • From I-5: Take Exit 132 and merge onto SR-16. Take the Center Street/Fircrest exit. At the traffic light, go straight onto South Mullen Street and follow the road until you reach the landfill.
  • From Orchard Street: Turn onto South Center Street going east. Turn right onto South Mullen Street and follow the road until you reach the landfill.