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Salmon Beach Slope Landscape Management

Salmon Beach Slope History

Salmon Beach Slope is a small 3.77 acre property (parcel no. 6724200500) located on the western slope of Tacoma – bordered by Pt. Defiance Park to the north and up slope of the Salmon Beach Community.


Aerial Image of Salmon Baech Slope 


The site consists of steep sloped forested areas and although much of the southern area of the site is healthy with stands of native madrone and Douglas fir trees with a salal and oceanspray understory, the top band of the slope is almost 100% invasive vegetation. 



1979 - This property was set aside as mitigation for the Parkside Development at the top of the slope and enrolled into the City’s open space program. 

1995 - The Parkside View Management Plan was implemented.  The City has identified the need to update the plan to make it compliant with current regulations, codes, and industry standards. Image of Trees at Salmon Beach Slope

2014 – Approximately 500 acres of city-owned passive open space properties (including this property) were transferred to the Environmental Services Department with the intent to manage the properties responsibly with a focus on vegetation to benefit both surface water quality and quantity. 

2017 – Salmon Beach Slope Landscape Management Plan effort begins.


Public Meetings

Public outreach began in August 2017 and the City anticipates a total of three public meetings.


August 10, 2017 Meeting:

View the presentation

View the meeting minutes


Next Meeting October 18, 2017

From 6 PM to 7:30 PM


At the Point Defiance Pagoda
5715 Roberts Garden Road
Tacoma, WA 98407

View the presentation (coming soon)


View the meeting minutes (coming soon)



Parkside View Management Plan (WFCI, 1995)

Tree Solutions Arborist Report (Tree Solutions, 2016)

Wetland Investigation Memo (Grette, 2016)

Salmon Beach Slope Landscape Management Plan