Solid Waste - Garbage and Recycling

Every other week garbage collection

Every-Other-Week Garbage Collection

Garbage in Tacoma is now collected every other week, on the same day as your recycling collection. Yard/food waste is collected on the alternating week.

Learn more about every-other-week garbage collection.


Watch a video on how and why Solid Waste Management made the switch to every-other-week garbage collection.


Food Waste Recycling

Read more about Tacoma's food waste recycling service and watch videos showing how the program works and ways to keep your food waste bucket clean. During the warmer weather, there may be potential for odors and pests. Try these tips to help minimize odors and pests. Remember, you may choose the types of food waste you recycle and at what time of the year.



About Solid Waste Management

Part of Environmental Services, the City's solid waste utility provides Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste services for single-family residential homes, multifamily units and commercial customers. The utility also operates a full-service Landfill, Recycling Center and Household Hazardous Waste Facility, as well as a popular residential bulk item collection service, Call-2-Haul.


Solid Waste Management takes pride in its commitment to the environment, which shows through the many services and programs it offers. They are designed to meet most of your garbage and recycling-related needs, as well as offer you ways to reduce and reuse waste and help protect our natural resources.


Concerned about the environment, Solid Waste Management encourages citizen participation through its numerous environmental education and involvement programs aimed at waste reduction and resource conservation.


Personalized Collection Calendar for Garbage, Recycling and Yard/Food Waste

View a yearlong collection schedule specific to your address. This will show your garbage and recycling day and when you set out your yard waste container. (Single-family customers only.) Every other week collection