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Environmental Services Sponsorship Program

Is your organization holding an event or activity that protects, enhances or restores Tacoma's environment?


City of Tacoma Environmental Services supports community activities that protect, enhance or restore Tacoma's environment. Sponsorship may be monetary, material goods or in-kind services, such as garbage and recycling and portable toilets.



Download an application (PDF) and submit it in one of these ways:
Environmental Services Sponsorship

Mailing Address
ES Sponsorship Program
Center for Urban Waters
326 East D Street
Tacoma, WA 98421-1801
If you would like to receive an application in the mail, please contact ES Sponsorship.


Applications are accepted year-round, but must be submitted a minimum of 60 days before your event or activity.


Your application will be reviewed, and a staff member will contact you.


Funded organizations must:
  • Show proof of nonprofit status (may be waived at the discretion of the Director of Environmental Services.)
  • Be located in and/or events must take place within Tacoma city limits.*
  • Provide recognition for Environmental Services in printed or promotional material; recognition at the event; media coverage or other forms of branding opportunities.
  • Not charge the public for services, materials or goods specifically provided by Environmental Services. 

Project Criteria

  • Be consistent with Environmental Services goals and values. 
  • Provide opportunities for environmental programs promoting environmental education on the broad topics of wastewater, surface water and solid waste management.
  • Provide opportunities for civic leaders and community forums that enhance the quality of life in the community.
  • Provide opportunities for educational, artistic and cultural programs that promote community development and positive life choices.
  • Provide opportunities for Environmental Services to dispense information or messages that are related to Environmental Services products and services.
  • Provide opportunities for joint-sponsorships with affiliated organizations or regional alliances that support the goals and values of Environmental Services.

Sponsorships Will Not

  • Be provided to individuals, political campaigns/parties, solicitations received by form letters, or groups that discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex or national origin.
  • Result in private benefit to any Environmental Services employee or any other individual or organization.

The Sponsorship Program is supported by rates from the City's Environmental Services utilities (Solid Waste, Surface Water and Wastewater).