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Schuster Parkway Promenade


The project will include transforming the existing sidewalk adjacent to Schuster Parkway into a shared-use promenade extending from S. 4th Street to N. 30th Street and continuing on to McCarver Street.  This project is an important piece of the Dome to Defiance Trail.  The project will include elevated segments to separate pedestrians and cyclists from vehicular traffic, and provide waterfront views where feasible.  


Project Area Maps



Prior Planning

Schuster Parkway Promenade: Conceptual Design Report

Schuster Parkway Promenade:  AQ Analysis

Schuster Parkway Traffic Analysis - Final


Public Outreach

Updates will be conveyed through neighborhood council meetings and business districts until the City has gathered enough survey and geotechnical data to draft concepts and provide information to the public.  Public meetings are anticipated to begin in late 2018.  The City will be looking for input on alignment, urban landscape features, and other project features.


Project Updates

The City has acquired a permit from Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) to drill and compile soil data on the hillside.  Additional survey work may also need to be completed. The City is completing feasibility studies and evaluating options for promenade alignment with our consultant. Once options are determined community engagement will commence.


Design Budget

 City of Tacoma Federal Grant
 $300,000 $1,170,172


Anticipated Schedule

Design  Winter 2015 - Winter 2020
Permits Summer 2017 - Spring 2019
Right-of Way 2020


Follow this link for information on the Schuster Landscape Management Project


Be Informed, Get Involved 

You can contact City Project Manager Diane Sheesley at (253) 591-5358 or by email, with questions, concerns, or comments.