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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


Learn more about the Community Outreach Fair


How do you volunteer? 

If you or your organization would like to volunteer at the 2017 MLK event, please submit an application form.


Volunteer application form


MLK Volunteer Job Descriptions

Family Fun Center Assistants

Volunteers Needed: 10 to 12

  • Assist City of Tacoma staff with arts and crafts

Reserved Seating Table

Volunteers Needed: 5

  • Wait at the reserved seating area
  • Verify individuals are on reserved seating list
  • Connect with runners to help them to their seats

Runners for Those with Reserved Seating

Volunteers Needed: 7

  • Bring people who check in at the front table with reserved seats to the reserved seating area


Volunteers needed: 32

  • Maintain a smooth and orderly seating pattern from the corners of the seating areas and doorways
  • Direct people where they need to go
  • Fill in empty seats

Survey Collection

Volunteers needed: 5

  • Collect and request surveys at the end of the program

Green Room Attendants

Volunteers needed: 2

  • Assist committee members


Volunteers needed: 10 to 20

  • Welcome attendees
  • Direct attendees to the resource area and family activity area

Check-In Table

Volunteers needed: 4

  • Assist in checking in attendees

History Walk and MLK Memorabilia Supervision

Volunteers needed: 10

  • Help guide individuals through display
  • Watch over memorabilia

Food Drive

Volunteers needed: 10 or more

  • Assist with Food Drive as needed
  • Help transport food to the truck

Program Distribution

Volunteers needed: 10

  • Stuff programs with inserts
  • Distribute programs to attendees

Community Outreach Fair in the Lobby

Submit an application form to participate in the Volunteer Fair so you can sign up new volunteers for your non-profit organization.


Community Outreach Fair application form  



9 AM - Set Up Begins

9:45 AM - Set Up is Complete

10 AM - Doors Open to Public

11 AM - Program Begins

After program concludes - Public Exits

2 PM - Take Down/Clean Up


Convention Center guidelines and rules:



Tables and chairs are provided. Organizations are responsible for supplying their own informational materials to share with the public. The use of the following items are prohibited on any surface (floor, stage, walls, etc.) in the Convention Center:

  • Single-sided or double-stick foam tape
  • Single-sided or double-stick cellophane tape
  • Masking tape

Decorations may not be affixed to any surfaces in the building.


Set Up and Take Down

Table displays must be ready by 9:45 AM. Doors open to the public at 10 AM. Staff and volunteers for organizations must arrive no later than 9:30 AM to set up their information table.


Staff and volunteer names must be on the security list in order to gain access to the building.


After the event concludes and the public has left, organizations may take down their displays. Take down will occur by 2 PM.



To enter the building before to 10 AM, organizations must provide persons' names to Kala Dralle by Friday, January 9 at 5 PM. Only those on the security list will be allowed into the building before to 10 AM.


Solicitation Prohibited

Please only provide information at the organization's assigned table area. Organizations are not to distribute information from any other organizations or companies.


Sales are Prohibited

Organizations are not permitted to sell anything without the express written consent of the City of Tacoma and in compliance with Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center guidelines.


Food Distribution Prohibited

Organizations are not permitted to distribute food to the public, unless the organization is the business of manufacturing, processing or distributing food as part of its standard business practice. If it is part of the organizations' business practice then please refer to the Convention Center's exhibitor's guide for details and contact City staff.



Per Convention Center guidelines, giveaways may not include self-adhesive decals of any sort (bumper stickers, etc.), balloons, yardsticks or any item that could be considered a weapon of any type.



There is free on-street parking around the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center. Meters will not be enforced on the holiday.


There is also free parking at Sound Transit's Tacoma Dome Station. You can take the Tacoma Light Rail from the Tacoma Dome Station to the Convention Center.


Exhibitor Guidelines

Organizations hosting resource tables at the 27th Annual MLK event must adhere to the guidelines set forth from the City of Tacoma and the City Events and Recognitions Committee as well as the guidelines established by the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center.