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56th Street South and Cirque Drive Corridor Improvements


This is a joint project between the City of University Place and the City of Tacoma with University Place being the lead agency for the project.  Phase 1 of this project includes improvements in Tacoma between Washington Street and Orchard Street along South 56th and in University Place between Orchard Street and 67th Avenue along Cirque Drive. Phase 2 will continue improvements along South 56th Street from South Tacoma Way to Tacoma Mall Boulevard in Tacoma. This phase will also include bike facilities along parallel South 54th Street and will make connections to the South Tacoma Sounder platform via Washington Street and to the Tacoma Mall Pierce Transit Station via Fife, Oakes, and / or South 47th Street.


Project Updates

  • Paving and partial striping are complete. The permanent striping between Orchard and Tyler will likely not occur until spring 2018 unless the right temperatures and weather are available earlier. The temporary striping will be maintained throughout the winter.
  • Some electrical work and signal coordination, landscaping, and concrete work at intersections still remains to be completed on the Tacoma side of the project.

Public Outreach

On June 15, 2017 the City presented the construction schedule and information at the South Tacoma Business District Meeting.


On June 1, 2017 a construction update was sent to our stakeholder email list gathered at the prior public meetings.  It included the information that Tucci & Sons Construction was the Contractor awarded the project and the project would begin on June 12, 2017 in University Place with construction beginning in Tacoma in mid to late July 2017.


SharrowThe City of Tacoma Phase 1 project is proceeding forward with bike lanes or facilities along the project corridor between Orchard Street and Tyler. There will need to be sharrows at signalized intersections instead of continuous bike lanes, due to funding constraints. A sharrow, as pictured to the side, is a shared-lane marking indicating bicycles and vehicles are sharing the lane. Portions of the center turn lane will be removed to accommodate the addition of the bike lanes. The center turn lane will remain between Tyler and Washington.


Proposed roadway improvement locations are shown below:



Design (Phase 1 and 2)


Federal Grant

City of Tacoma $140,750 


Construction (Phase 1) Amount

Federal Funds

City of Tacoma $360,000

Construction (Phase 2) Amount

Federal Funds

 City of Tacoma $1,669,931



Task (Phase 1 and 2) Estimated Completion Date
Planning/Design (Phase 1) December 2016
Design (Phase 2) March 2019
Right-of-Way (Phase 1) December 2016
Right-of-Way (Phase 2) August 2019
Advertise & Award (Phase 1) May 2017
Advertise & Award (Phase 2) March 2020
Construction (Phase 1) May 2018
Construction (Phase 2) Spring/Summer 2021


Be Informed, Get Involved

The City of Tacoma is managing the project. Contact City Project Manager Diane Sheesley with questions or concerns at (253) 591-5358 or by email.