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In the Know: Hear from Your City

The City’s Speakers Bureau is a resource for established community, service and neighborhood groups of ten or more people. The bureau provides subject matter experts who can be request to speak on various public topics from safety to budgets and beyond. Our speakers rotate quarterly and are available through request by contacting TacomaFIRST 311.

Presentations are 30 minutes - 15 minute informational section and 15 minute question and answer section. Requests for a speaker should be made two weeks in advance.

A detailed description and flyer for each of this quarter’s speaker topics are available below under the title of the talk:

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A More Healthy and Vibrant Tacoma: Strengthening the Business Climate

Ricardo Noguera Profile photoGrowing economic development in Tacoma is about helping local businesses thrive to make Tacoma a place for further development and investment from more people locally, nationally and internationally.  The City focuses on participating in projects that bring development . The City focuses on supporting projects that bring development and job growth to Tacoma. During this 30 minute presentation, find out how the City is able to help foster growth in line with the strategic vision of making Tacoma a place people want to live, work and play.

Access Granted: Get to the Services You Need

La'Toya ProfileThe City has been working on making it faster and more efficient for residents to get the information they need about services and programs. Learn how to use the new system to better and more quickly access what you need. Find out about 3-1-1, TacomaFIRST and online tools to help you stay in the know.

Civic Engagement 101: The 2015/2016 Budget Process

Katie Johnston ProfileThe Budget Overview presentation explains how the City manages and develops its biennial budget, the major sources of revenue for the City and what services are funded with your tax dollars. This presentation helps you better understand how the City’s biennial budget is developed and how you can provide input on where the City should prioritize its funding of City services.

In Case of Emergency: Community Preparedness for Emergencies

Ute Weber Profile photoWhether at home or work, preparing for emergencies is an important step in ensuring you, your family, employees and community are safe in a disaster. During this 30 minute presentation find out what you can do to be better prepared to help respond and speed recovery.


Making a Difference with a Referral: Helping People Experiencing Homelessness Access Services

Colin DeForrest ProfileConnecting  individuals, youth and families experiencing homelessness to resources is something you can help with.  During this 30 minute talk you will have the opportunity to hear from the City’s expert about the proactive approach being taken to address homeless-related  matters and how you can partner to help address concerns in your neighborhood.

PASS the Fire Prevention On: Learn Basic Fire Safety

Marja Stowell Profile PhotoHome fire safety starts with prevention. In this 30-minute talk you will be presented with the basics types of fires, how to be prepared in case of a fire and what to do if you have a fire in your home or business. Fire prevention is an important step in keeping you, your family and your community safe.

Take Back Our Walls: Getting Rid of Graffiti

Allyson Griffith's Speakers Bureau image
Graffiti is blight in neighborhoods and affects the feeling of safety and ability for economic growth in communities. This 30-minute presentation will talk about what steps property owners can take and what resources are available to combat graffiti on their property and when to call for help.

That's the Code? Un-Kept Properties Can Be Mitigated

Dan McConaughy Profile PhotoThe City’s code compliance is a resource for the community to help address blight and safety concerns in Tacoma. Learn how you can partner with the City to keep Tacoma beautiful and safe to attract economic growth, tourism and make Tacoma a place people want to live, work and play.