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Green Event Criteria

If your event falls within one or more of these categories you will be required to achieve Green Event certification:

  • Medium to large scale events using contributions from the City (monetary or in-kind)
  • Medium to large scale events on City property or using right of way permits
  • Medium to large scale events providing food, beverage, and/or giveaways (vendor-related)
  • City hosted events

Definitions of Event Sizes and Their Requirements

  • Medium-scale events are events with 1,000-2,000 participants. These events are required to achieve Green Merit certification.
  • Large-scale events are events with more than 2,000 participants. These events must achieve Green Excellence certification.
  • Events with less than 1,000 participants may not be required to achieve certification.


Below are the initiatives and the points available for becoming a Green Event. For Green Merit certification, you must earn at least five points. For a Green Excellence certification, you must earn at least eight points. 


Initiative  Value Is this Mandatory
Use 30-100% recycled paper for all promotional materials or no paper at all 1 point Yes
Work with Environmental Services Staff to create a Waste Management Plan 1 point Yes
Promote best alternative transportation options (if applicable) 1 point Yes

Here are additional initiatives you can commit to to reach either your Green Merit or Green Excellence certification. You are encouraged to complete as many initiatives as possible.

Initiative  Value
Provide water fountains (if hookups are available and there is adequate drainage) point
Require that your vendors eliminate non-sustainable giveaways point
Provide temporary bicycle racks or choose a location where bicycle racks are provided point
Make travel tree-friendly by supporting the Green Tacoma Partnership or Downtown on the Go (minimum $100 donation). point
Include pre-consumer food waste recycling in your Waste Management Plan points
Provide volunteers to staff recycle stations points
Donate excess food to a local food bank or homeless shelter points
Submit other stewardship initiatives to the City for approval Up to 2 points

Four Important Tips:

  1. Complete your Scorecard Application as soon as possible so you can use the Green Events logo to promote your event. (The City will respond to your application within one week of receiving it with your preliminary score.)
  2. Contact Environmental Services staff as soon as possible to create your Waste Management Plan.
  3. Events receiving City funds or an Environmental Services Sponsorship are encouraged to become a Stewardship Excellence event.
  4. It is important to complete all steps of the Green Events Program in order to continue to receive sponsorship and/or host events in the City in the future.