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Tacoma Arts Commission


Created in 1965, the Tacoma Arts Commission is one of the oldest arts commissions in Washington State. The primary responsibility of the Commission is to create policies to support the ongoing development of arts programs and projects in Tacoma. Its primary programs include the funding of artists and arts organizations to provide services for the citizens of Tacoma, and oversight of the Municipal Art Program.


The Tacoma Arts Commission is a 15-member volunteer commission made up of Tacoma residents who are arts advocates and artists. The Commission's functions are outlined in Chapter 1.28A and 1.28B of the Tacoma Municipal Code.

Current Members

Mike Sweney, Chair
Rachel Cardwell, Vice Chair 
Scott A. Campbell
Joel Chang
Heather Conklin
Kareem Kandi
Traci Kelly
Johnaye Kendrick
Halley Knigge
Don Lacky
Dane Meyer
Wanda Thompson
Paul Throne
Katrina Toft
Lynn Wilmot-Stenehjem
Marty Campbell, City Council Liaison
Keith Blocker, City Council Liaison Alternate


2015 Service Overview

Tacoma Arts Commission 2015 funding overview

Tacoma Arts Commission 2015 public art overview

Tacoma Arts Commission 2015 programs overview

Tacoma Arts Commission 2015 leveraged grants overview

Tacoma Arts Commission 2015 tac overview



Commission members are appointed by the Tacoma City Council following an application and interview process. To apply for the Tacoma Arts Commission please visit the Committees, Boards, and Commissions page

Time and Day

5 PM
Second Monday of the month



Tacoma Municipal Building North
Room 16
728 St. Helens
Tacoma, WA 98402

Meetings are open to the public.


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