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Puyallup Avenue Corridor Conceptual Design

Good tree exampleAbout the Project

The City of Tacoma is developing a conceptual design for corridor improvements along Puyallup Avenue from Portland Avenue to South C Street.  The improvements will enhance the experience for everyone using the corridor, including pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, transit riders, and freight operators. The Puyallup Avenue Corridor connects commuters, businesses, visitors, and future residents of the area and is a future connection to the Prairie Line Trail.

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Good tree example

The conceptual design for corridor improvements along Puyallup Avenue will support multimodal uses and embrace complete street concepts. Possible improvements include landscaping, lighting, new sidewalks and crossings, bicycle improvements, enhanced transit facilities, and other amenities.


Project Schedule

The project was completed in February 2018. 


Be Informed, Get Involved

The public is invited to provide input on the conceptual design in a variety of ways.


  • Public Open House - A public open house was held on June 5, 2017, 5 PM to 7 PM at the Summit Olympus Public School (409 Puyallup Avenue) to share concepts on proposed Puyallup Avenue corridor improvements.  We had excellent attendance and collected some very helpful comments.

    Public comment closed on Friday, July 14, 2017. In summary, three alternatives were presented:
  • Alternative 1 – Includes a two-way bike path, one westbound lane, a center turn lane, and two eastbound lanes (including one HOV/transit lane)
  • Alternative 2 – Includes protected bike lanes and two general purpose lanes in each direction
  • Alternative 3 – Includes buffered bike lanes, a center turn lane, and one general purpose lane in each direction

Note: Year 2040 traffic modeling results for the No Build scenario (no changes to the corridor), and for each alternative, are presented in the final board. 


        View the proposed alternatives.


You are welcome to identify aspects of each alternative that you like/dislike and

        a fourth alternative will be created depicting the comments collected.

  • Pop-Up Surveys - In October 2016, staff was at the Tacoma Dome Station (Sound Transit Platform/Freighthouse Square and Bus Station/Puyallup Avenue) and at the Broadway Farmer’s Market to interview the public regarding how they use the Puyallup Avenue Corridor and to gather ideas for change.
  • Stakeholder Meetings - Key community stakeholders will share their ideas for the area with the Puyallup Avenue Corridor team. 
  • Online Survey - Thank you for sharing your ideas about the future of Puyallup Avenue.  The online survey ran from October 19 to November 4, 2016 and there were more than 250 responses.  All results will be reviewed and incorporated into the planning process. Please continue your involvement and plan to take part in the project’s public open house. 
  • Design Charrette - The public design charrette was held on November 9 from 5-7:30 PM at the La Quinta Inn & Conference Center.  An overview of the corridor was provided by the project team, and the public shared their ideas through various design activities. 


Funding for the conceptual design study includes $200,000 from the Tacoma Streets Initiative Fund. The final conceptual design will be used for future grant applications to obtain funding for full corridor design and construction.


Project Related Documents

Questions and Comments

You can contact City of Tacoma Project Manager,  Mark D'Andrea, at (253) 591-5518 or by email with questions, concerns, or comments.


Please stay tuned for further updates!